About Us

The Dionaea Advantage

Dionaea muscipula, also referred to as Venus flytrap, is a carnivorous plant with a refined trapping mechanism to catch its prey. With its multi-triggering innards, the plant ensures highly focused and efficient trapping of prey, safeguarding its resources.
At Dionaea, we are inspired by nature’s resourcefulness in creating the plant’s highly efficient and targeted mechanism. We safeguard our clients’ resources by providing targeted, focused information gathering services in combination with creative, strategic advice.
We provide customized solutions that are created for each and every client. We bring enthusiasm to the table and a can-do attitude, tempered by professionalism and the highest quality standards for the targeted business intelligence we generate.
Our international team members are discreet and highly reliable. We have successfully operated all over the world, using our Israeli resourcefulness, professionalism, creativity and daring to complete projects efficiently and with excellent results.
With over 10 years of intelligence and consulting experience, we provide law firms, corporate enterprises, family offices, financial institutions and governments with customized solutions to various challenges. We use advanced tools and unique methodologies that we have developed to generate business intelligence worldwide. We operate all over the world, gaining intelligence within the boundaries of the law, as our experts are highly aware of diverse local litigation challenges.
We are guided by principles of professional integrity, transparency, resourcefulness, focus, efficiency and effectiveness, operating in full confidentiality and using reliable resources to find the exact information required. With many women on our staff, intuition often leads us to the path of success.
We are proactive, out-of-the box problem solvers. We invite you to bring your business and litigation challenges to us. We will help you prepare to face them from an advantage point, accompanying you through complex processes, with highly targeted business intelligence and strategic advice, every step of the way.

Our Team​

Our team is composed of multiple nationalities. We have specialists located all around the world. Licensed and certified investigators with exceptional field experience. With background in top Israeli security units, and vast civilian experience as well, our team members are multifaceted and creative when acquiring the required information. Many of our operations have led to major breakthrough in business and litigation cases and are currently considered case studies in academia. By supporting a large network of resources and varied skills sets we are highly successful in resolving the issue at hand.