Brand Protection


Investigative business intelligence; detecting parallel
import and copyright breaches

Supervising parallel import

Dionaea helps our clients protect their brands by looking into parallel import activities in multiple countries. In a dynamic world, influenced by varying and even conflicting interests, large corporations are constantly facing a need to take new actions towards making their brand protection more comprehensive.
We help our clients reduce the erosion of brand reputation and loss of profit due to undermined prices that follows parallel import. The international legislation knowledge we bring with us to the table, enables our clients to take a proactive approach, using legal channels to detecting contractual breaches and changing parallel import policies.

Stopping fraud

The challenge of stopping the fakes industry is an ongoing gone. In a fast pace world, every business has to make sure it is protecting its rights and reputation in an ever changing environment. There is always a good market for copies. If one fraudulent channel is curtailed, another will quickly develop. Ingenuity is always to be found where there is money to be made.
With our unique methods and motivated staff, we unearth activities that are meant to be hidden. We provide comprehensive evidence, based on a combination of testimonials and paperwork, all targeted to provide substantial grounds for stopping fraudulent activities.

Brand protection strategy based on proactive prevention

Brand protection nowadays is a comprehensive issue and calls for short and long term strategy planning. Dionaea provides clients with information that enables curtailing various channels in the short term while mitigating the risk of further brand value deterioration. But we do not stop there. We conduct deep research into legislation so that any such activity will not be reopened. We also learn how to specifically handle threats to the brand in each location. Long term strategic thinking we develop includes prevention of alternative ventures from surfacing in other locations.

In a case of dispute, we provide our clients with business intelligence and insights that are purposed to help resolve the conflict while protecting the brand.

Brand protection services from Dionaea include:

  • Parallel import investigation
  • Brand protection policies’ legal counselling\
  • Fakes manufacturer detection
  • Fraudulent activity channel mapping
  • Cyber research and security
  • Litigation support