Business Intelligence


Getting to know everything about your business
environment; focused business intelligence

At Dionaea we know that businesses that are able to stay on top of all the comings and goings of their field are those who lead that field. With a deep understanding of the environment in which a company operates, our clients are able to conduct better business and with more success.
We provide a comprehensive research on all relevant leading personas, looking beyond the dry business consideration and try to understand their motivations. Such knowledge can be translated into a negotiating edge. We operate strictly within legal boundaries applicable to various locations, industries and business entities involved.
Considerable competitive intelligence is gained by learning about the business environment on the internet, but we do not stop there. A strong humanint network to gather information in diverse industries is created. We engage with high level entities such as board directors, COBs, C level executives, trustees and investors to generate an elaborated key leadership map.

Strategy based on business intelligence
We believe that the best strategies are developed when solutions to a wide scope of possible events are considered in advance. To do this and to minimize the unexpected, diverse questions need to be asked and possible answers need to be analyzed. After all, the best decisions taken are informed decisions.

Dionaea helps clients to develop advanced business strategies by asking creative questions during the strategy consulting process. This is followed by unparalleled business intelligence and analysis to get to the best answers.

We want our clients to be able to resolve any complex issue they are faced with by using the incomparable business intelligence we provide for them.


Business intelligence services from Dionaea include:

• Prior, screening and investigative due diligence
• Investment and corporate support
• International and multi-national litigation support
• Customized challenge resolution strategies
• Business monitoring