Litigation Support


Targeted, game-changing intelligence; support
for multi-national jurisdiction litigation challenges.

Dionaea gathers targeted data, which can be used later as evidence or as a game-changing leverage in litigation challenges and conflict resolution. With a deep knowledge of local legal systems and multi-jurisdictional litigations, we operate internationally, providing our clients a wide scope of litigation support.

Our specialty is supporting lawyers, law firms and business clients by providing information that helps resolve conflicts and gain leverage in complex litigations. We have worked on many cases, gathering data all over the world, using our unique methodologies, successfully documenting and providing intelligence that makes a change and leads to a resolution.

In a recent District Court ruling, Judge Ariel Vago is quoted to describe us as “…A private, professional, and impressive investigation conducted by honest investigators who brought the truth into light.” (26 June 2018, # 43715-12-15). This sums up our approach. At Dionaea, we are determined to assist our clients with the highest quality of strategic advice based on excellent resources and business intelligence. We shy from nothing, big or small in scope, to get the information we need to gain litigation advantage for your business.

Dionaea’s target is to help promote the business and legal interests of our clients. We use digital resources, witness dubbing, expansive contact network and original methods to get difficult-to-acquire data and game-changing information. Gaining the type of intelligence that is critical to developing successful business strategy. With our deep understanding of international law, we are able to operate legally anywhere in the world and provide the precise information in the exact format it is required to achieve objectives in any court room.

Legislation strategy based on targeted expert knowledge

At Dionaea, we believe that successful litigation takes strategy and planning. The more informed you enter the courtroom, the higher the chance of getting the ruling you seek. Resolving a litigation challenge depends on expert knowledge of legislation – both local and international, as well as deep knowledge of the business challenges caused or affected by litigation.
We support our clients by looking at both the legal and business aspects of any activity and deciding on proactive courses of action. With multi lingual team and ingenious data collection methods, we know how to extract the information you need, anytime, anywhere.
Evaluating the strength of all stakeholders or adversaries, collecting evidence and analyzing information in order to develop strategies is especially important in promoting our clients’ business and legal interests as they face litigation difficulties. Drawing on our experience in analyzing international businesses offshore companies, detecting fraudulent activities, understanding vulnerabilities, and discovering assets, we provide unobtainable information that lies at the core of our strategic advice.

Litigation support services from Dionaea include:

  • Evidence collection and analysis
  • Conflict analysis and resolving
  • International legislation and legal enforcement guidance
  • Debtor and asset discovery
  • Identifying fraud and misconduct
  • Cyber intelligence analysis