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Yechiel Horev

Yechiel Horev served for 21 years as the head of the MALMAB (D.S.D.E. – Director of Security of the Defense Establishment – Israel’s Fourth Intelligence Organization).

In his capacity, Horev is considered, among other things, as the keeper of the seal of Israel’s nuclear secrets.

In addition, Horev served as Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Defense and even Director General of the Ministry of Defense.

Prior to being appointed head of the MALMAB, Horev was responsible for the MALMAB’s physical security unit, managing the security of all sites, facilities and establishments of the security system.

Publicist Ran Adalist wrote about Horev in a Maariv newspaper: “The power of the man, who heads the Defense Department’s Office (MALMAB), embraces all: He has intelligence, operations, research, criminal investigations, training, information security units, physical security, Facility security and computer security. “

While Bergman and Meltzer wrote in the article “The Power of Yechiel Horev”, YNET wrote: “You will not read about him in the newspapers, you will not hear about him in the electronic media, but Yechiel Horev is one of the strongest leaders in Israel’s security forces.”

hagay gilan

Former head of operations department at the Mossad.

Served in the IDF as a combatant in the elite unit Shayetet 13.

After his release from the army he enlisted in the Mossad, where he served for over 25 years.

As part of his service, he served in a large number of positions, most recently of which he was the head of operations at the institution for about 6 years.

Has a law degree.

Has extensive experience in management and extensive knowledge in a variety of fields.