Risk assessment


Targeted research and business intelligence to
mitigate risks; focused strategy

Every business transaction entails risks. A smart business decision is made with an effort to mitigate those risks and minimize them. In order to do that, businesses need information. Dionaea helps our clients gather data and analyze it to evaluate risks. The deeper we can dig and the more we learn about each and every stakeholder in a business deal, the more aware our client is to the scope of risk involved.
Looking into the integrity of business entities but also at employees and the entire client and supply chain, we gain deep business and operations understanding. A proper due diligence and risk awareness report can make the difference between a successful business decision and a failed one. Computerized methods and humanint lie at the base of elaborate information gathering and analysis, for the best insights. Providing such insights for our clients closes gaps and answers questions. Informed decisions guarantee their business growth.
We seek to unravel processes and policies that inevitably lead to misconduct – just one corrupt employee can destroy a company. Dionaea takes the closest look at any person we feel may have even the smallest impact on the risks involved in a business deal. Our multi-lingual team operates worldwide to cover the interests of our international clients. We operate clearly within legal and compliance requirements, making sure that the information we deliver has strategic value in that it can be acted upon.

Business success is based on risk mitigation strategy
In order to develop risk mitigation plan and to take action accordingly, a comprehensive risk assessment should take place. When a business is fully aware of all the risk factors it is better equipped to cope with them. After all, acknowledging a problem is half way to getting it resolved.

Dionaea takes risk analysis to whole new levels. We do not only research possible risks, we look into how they can be avoided, and in the best cases prevented altogether. We support our clients by training managers to cope with risk when it occurs, but we also teach how to avoid getting into situations that will eventually become risky for the company. Comprehensive situational analysis and behavioral briefs are used to circumvent risks.

We look into the true level of stability in any business entity. Asset vulnerability checks and dissolutions may prove to be excellent business opportunities, but inertly entail a higher risk. The exposure level must be thoroughly examined.

Our research allows us to predict cause of a crisis. Based on elaborate information, we are able to create strategies to avoid it or plans to mitigate it if it occurs. We support our clients in taking a pro-active prevention policy towards risks and crisis management.

Risk assessment services from Dionaea include:

• Pre-transaction due diligence
• Vulnerability assessment
• Asset evaluation, discovery and recovery
• Market and liquidation mapping
• Internal investigations and penetration tests
• Forensic and fraud research
• Crisis management consulting