Cyber Security and Binary Commerce


Targeted transaction intelligence; stay ahead of
ground breaking business practices

Led by elite cyber security unit veterans from Israeli defense forces and law enforcement, our team provides the widest scope of cyber research capabilities. At Dionaea, we know how things work in the cyber business environment, and we always stay up-to-date on the latest business practices.
Companies seeking to digitize their business should be aware of the risks involved. By providing in-depth information about the relevant cyber environment, we support our clients. With cloud services taking flight, companies need to expand the security parameter that protects their business data and assets.
In the event of a security breach, Dionaea experts can help detect the source and the motivation behind it. Updated intelligence allows our clients to prepare for attacks as they learn what they can expect when a security breach or malicious attack occurs. In some cases preliminary operations can help businesses predict and even prevent attacks. Preparation allows for swift responses that minimize exposure to risk.

Digitizing business strategy based on cyber security
Whether a company is looking to set up a hybrid applications network, or to prevent its reputation from deteriorating, it is best to be informed about all the cyber security threats in the business environment. As this is a relatively new and very innovative field, regulatory efforts have not yet caught up with more volatile practices. The importance of detecting system weaknesses and placing appropriate security measures cannot be underestimated.

Business operations of any scale cannot afford to ignore cyber considerations. From installing new systems to investigating cybercrimes, a company must be ready to face down any challenges or eruptive technologies brought into its business sphere. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts, will teach you to recognize and avoid the risks. We create evidence that can be successfully defended in a court of law.

Cyber security services from Dionaea include:

• Identity detection and follow-up in binary options transactions
• Monitory loss recovery
• Asset detection and recovery
• Penetration tests and security check
• Advance cyber research
• Data leakage and cyber forensics